Local Company (LLC)



Local company or a limited liability company - such a form of business entity is most suitable for businesses looking at UAE as their first market of business transactions, although these companies are also good for exports in GCC and other parts of the world. They are normally formed with the support of UAE national as an active and inactive partner/ sponsor.

We facilitate structuring and establishing such companies by extending our professional services to coordinate with various government departments and authorities, obtaining required approvals, documentations, legal documents, partnership deeds, POA, etc. OMC, as your Business & Management Consultant, would assist you to obtain necessary licenses, approvals and consents required to set up and initiate your business in UAE. 

There are various options available to set up a legal business structure in UAE ranging from sole proprietorship, limited liability companies, private joint stock companies, civil companies etc. The most popular and recommended option is Limited Liability Companies (L.L.C) as it allows 49% foreign ownership of the business. The 51% local partner is a key component. OMC can provide trustworthy and efficient local sponsor to your business.sildalis india