Corporate Services



Orange Management Consultants is a network of professionals in various areas of expertise and hence we hold the leverage of addressing most of the needs of the corporates. We offer our assistance in addressing various registrations, licensing, compliances, due diligence, legal, banking of financial management, account & book keeping etc. Our aim is to assist the business to concentrate on their core activity while the corporate management requirements could be taken care by us.

Our moto is to offer comprehensive business support to the corporate entities.

Our corporate services include:

1.       Trademarks & other IP registrations in UAE.

2.       Review & Advise on the basis of corporate documents

3.       Solutions for Compliance requirements

4.       Due Diligence for Joint Ventures or Buy Outs

5.       Various Supplier/ Vendor/ Agent Registration of Companies 

6.       Licensing

7.       Banking requirements- opening account, assistance in obtaining facilities etc


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