Strategic HR Planning



OMC has a network of senior HR Professionals experienced in managing versatile organizations ranging from Startups to Multinational Corporations providing support in Human Resource Planning, Sourcing and Staffing Appropriate Talents, Defining and Facilitating Goals and Objectives, Measuring and Managing Performance, Enabling Managers to provide Performance Feedback, Following Up Periodic Performance Appraisals, Collating Data and Analyzing Performance Metrics, Identifying Gaps and Providing Individual Development Plans, Mapping Competence with Organizational Performance and Partnering with Business Leaders in achieving Business Success.

Our professionals work along with the client in HR resource planning so that it could serve effectively as a link between human resources management and the overall strategic plan of an organization. Our Strategic Planning Services includes:

1.       Creating Employer Brand

2.       Retention Strategy

3.       Absence Management Strategy

4.       Talent Management Strategy 

5.       Recruitment & Selection Strategy